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    I have decided to study animation in college. I am so excited about this. I drew lots growing up and have worked on different kinds of art since then. However, I have never drawn the human figure. I have started to study from Loomis, but it is hard for me because it is more of a book, then instruction. I want something with exercises. Does anyone have recommendations? Or youtube courses? or techiques... :) Also, I need to submit a portfolio to the department. I am wondering if that level of figure drawing is obtainable for me in about 8 mos. I know it is different for everyone, but a guess from anyone would be very appreciated. I hope this link works to the BYU animation site, just to use as a reference for what I am trying to do. Thanks in advance!

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    I find that any of Proko's courses are pretty good. They are on YouTube and on his website, and really engaging and useful. He has courses on figure drawing, anatomy, facial features and caricatures.


    Thanks silverashes! I looked up Proko last night and his instruction is great! Thank you!


    No problem jesskah :) good luck with your figure drawing


    That's neat to hear that you'll be studying animation at BYU! I also am an incoming freshman hoping to apply for the animation department, I'll see you there!

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