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    I've been telling myself to start figure drawing for a long time, and I've recently started with gesture drawing. Please leave advice and/or criticisms.

    link to figure gestures

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    Welcome ezekrialase! Your gestures look pretty good to me so far. :) Do you have any goals set for yourself in your journey to do figure drawings? Anything you find yourself struggling with?


    I'd say my goals are to understand the line of action of a pose easier, and to make my drawings less stiff/robotic. For now my main goal is simply to start figure drawing consistently.


    Nice drawings. I don't find your 30 second gestures stiff at all. Nice line of action, good fluid movement. Your 5 minute drawings are very good too, but I can see you lose that fluid movement a little. I guess just finding a balance between the rough gesture and when you start to block out form. But I still wouldn't call them stiff and robotic. I hear you on the goal of drawing consistently. That's really the key. Unfortunately I have not been. I had drawn everyday consistently from middle school age up until I hit 30 or so. Then it was more sporadic. Never too late to get going again. Anyway, look forward to seeing more.


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