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    What's the difference and benefits between standard mode and class mode in the figure drawing practice page?

    I usually pick standard mode since it allows me to view each image for long periods of time (10 min) which is good since I just started practicing anatomy a few months ago and still need to take it a bit slow. I don't know what class mode is primarily used for so I never used it. Actually, I did use it once and it felt like I was rushing to beat the time instead of focusing on drawing.

    But I would still like to know the benefits for both modes for possible future use. Thank you!

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    Well, that's probably because you are understanding it wrong. The first, quick, poses are made for you to warm up, loosen your arm, and grasp the movement and feeling, instead of having a perfect drawing; these are gesture drawings ( Then the Class goes into longer poses for which you are already prepared and able to grasp the feeling and then be able to capture the likeness. Try imagining athletes: they stretch and warm up and only then run a marathon. The Class automatically makes that "schedule" for you, while Standart gives you freedom to personalize your schedule. Another difference is that Class mode is like a live drawing class/session, which is also great if you have the time to spare.
    I like using both tools; I don't often have time to make classes, so I just go on short 30 seconds poses, and once a week or so I make a 30 min class (not always complete -oops). I recommend doing so as well. A tip for short poses (up to 2 min) is really not focusing in anatomy at first, just settle what speaks to you the most in the pose, and then refine; also don't rush. Keep calm. I also recommend doing them traditional instead of digital, it's easier.

    Useful tutorials I've found are: and; they are worth checking out.

    Summing it up, because this kinda seems like a rant for me, I think this is the best order:
    -get used to gesture drawings: 30 second poses on standart
    -start applying anatomy: 1-2 min on standart
    -get detailed: 5 min on standart (refine anatomy and add bits of shading)
    -get more detailed: 10 min on standart (y'know shading and stuff)
    -apply all you trained: 30 min on class

    Hope I helped!


    Hi Bri. S.

    The benefits of Class Mode is that it forces you to do some faster poses. This is to get you comfortable with doing "gesture" drawings which are usually drawn quickly to focus on capturing the overall pose of the figure.

    Some examples of "gesture drawing":

    This can be very beneficial as it can loosen up your arm and also warm you up. If it helps I think of it like a bodybuilder lifting some heavy weights. They will usually try to warm up their body by doing stretches (30sec-1min pose) and then once they're warmed up they do their heavy lift (5min-10min pose).

    The other benefit of doing quick poses is that with practice you'll find your line quality will become more confident. This is because you generally have to place your lines quickly and thus you become more decisive about how you move your pencil.

    I would encourage giving it a try with the goal of being able to capture the WHOLE body/pose in a relatively quick amount of time. At first it'll be challenging and you'll likely have a hard time getting it all in 30seconds but in the long run it can be hugely beneficial to your drawing.

    Hope this helps! Cheers!
    - DK


    so Clear

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