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    Hi there! I love all the references and options in the hands/feet drawing class setup. Though I'm curious if it'd be possible to make it so that for the hands, there could be an option to make it so that you're only shown images of them holding things like the apples, pens, and books and all! I understand if this can't be done, it's just an idea I got today while wanting to study up on holding things. Thank you guys for all you do on this site, it's been a huge help to my career!

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    Hey there! If you have a doodler/full membership, you can select only poses that include props to get hands holding things :)


    Oooh, thank you! That makes a lot of sense :). I'm hoping to get more money soon so that I can afford to get at least a Doodler membership - I've been wanting to support you guys for a while! Thank you again for the quick response :D

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