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    Hi :) Super busy day so I didnt get to spend as much time sketching as I wanted. Well that is every day lol. But only did 30 sec drawings and 2 minute drawings. Any comments appreciated! TIA!

    PS Ostriches have really weird looking feet! never noticed before! They almost look like human skeleton feet

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    You think that's weird, go look at Ostriches compared to old dinosaurs!

    Your gestures are looking good! Only thing I could think of would be to start working on refining them all into more recognizable shapes and objects. Using cylinders and spheres for parts of their bodies will give your drawings more volume and take them from 2-D to 3-D. But as far as 30 sec and 2 minute gestures go these are on point!


    @fluffynubkin thanks very much! I did a quick search of "ostriches and dinosaurs" lol google came back with news that now dinosaurs are believed to have been feathered :) You are definitely right-I need to use more 3d shapes, ie barrels, cubes, etc in my sketches for volume for sure, thankyou!

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