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    This site offers lots of great figure drawing references, but I've noticed that a lot of the models are of the same or similar body types, at least from what I've seen. There's not a wide variety of sizes in the models, it would be really helpful to see some that are of an array of body shapes, especially plus-sized. This is really the only issue I've found with the site, it's otherwise a great resource!

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    Most of the current images were provided by generous photographers. Although we have curated the selection, trying to prune out poor quality images or poses with no educational value, we only have what was offered to us. Young, skinny and white made up the vast majority of the images we were sent — however, we agree that this is something that needs to be corrected, and are working toward commissioning our own photo collections to rectify the situation. :)


    Yes this site is a great tool but it would be even better to have people with more weight or age to be able to have more well rounded practice. Perfect bodied twenty somethings are done to draw but having older models and models with varying body types would be really nice too. I hope it becomes possible soon!

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