Can I get critique on my figure drawings that I did with the FORCE method?

Home Forums Critique Can I get critique on my figure drawings that I did with the FORCE method?

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    There they are, uh, please critique me!

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    I see you are using modifies stick figures. Great. You have gotten the actions shown by the figures. Excellent start. You are set to expand the figures to more realistic views. I don't know how much anatomy you know. If it is weak, you need stop & get to know human anatomy - muscle & bone structure. When looking at a human figure (clothed or otherwise) the knowledge of anatomy is really necessary. The internet has a lot of information on this subject. Make drawings of what you find (these will be good references for you). Remember: Practice makes better.


    Alright thank you!


    Nice job on your stick limb gestures, Daresom, way to go! Question: What is your current goal for today? Hope you'll find this a crucial question.

    Polyvios Animations


    although wonderful, they seem a little stiff. maybe work on being more fluid in the way you draw.


    Hi daresom! These are looking good - your dynamics and movement are great! One thing that might help push the feeling of movement even further and help you draw more fluidly is if you actively try to use slightly curved lines for everything (except the hip/shoulder position lines), even limbs. Keep drawing!


    Hi Daresom, I´m an instructor on There’s a good sense of balance in most of your drawings, which is a good start. Your lines need more energy and fluidity. Use a brush with opacity and flow set to pen pressure so you can build up and vary the darkness of your strokes. This one’s too opaque for this stage of the drawing.

    What resources are you using to learn this method?


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