can someone give me a direction to work in my gesture drawings?

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    everyday a have been drawing 7 minutes gesture drawings where in 5 min i get the pose/proportion and 2 min i shade and try to make the pose more readable. But the last few days i feel i'm lacking something that i can't really medicate, here's some of my drawings: (fixed the link, sorry)
    please feel free to go harsh as you desire, i just need fresh eyes to help me.

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    I don't really have direct critiques on your drawings themselves, but if you're focusing on gesture drawing, I think you may want to reconsider your approach to practice. Rather than spending 7 minutes on a pose, focusing on gesture, form, and shading simultaneously, I think you'd be better off spending 1 minute on each pose and focusing only on the gesture. Of course, doing a proper completed figure drawing is important, but it's better to do focused practice on the areas you want to improve on first, and then bring those separate pieces of knowledge together to improve your final product.

    As this is just practice, you don't really have to worry about making the pose "readable" or making things look particularly nice (even just incomprehensible scribbles is ok); rather, focus more on understanding the pose 3-dimensionally, feeling how the forward bend of the torso pushes more weight down on the leg that's pushed forward, causing the toes to flatten against the ground, or how the fingers, hand, and arm of a hanging model tenses to counteract the weight of the rest of the body being pulled down by gravity, and how that tension of the arm (vs. the slack in the rest of the body) twists the torso.

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