Can someone tell me how I'm doing so far?

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    I am not new to drawing but I have had an art block and hiatus for 4-5 years. I just wanted to get back into drawing in general, and I am using this site to slowly learn how to do that. However, the first time I am doing timed referenced drawings, so I wanted to know if I am doing things right so far. I would say I strive to make my drawings "come to life," and I want my figures to look less stiff.

    ^The photos here are from the 1 hour class session. I took more breaks than I was supposed to have. I felt like i got stuck on the 10+ minute photos. I'm not really prioritizing hands, feet, and face.

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    Hey Nekorea, you're doing great!

    Your portrait here doesn't look too stiff, and also not too fluid, so a happy medium. The only areas that look a little choppy to me are the ones where the lines are thicker, for example around the thighs. It looks like the lines there are made up of a lot of short strokes, which can definitely make the lines rough, and harder to correct later on. (It's hard to tell on my small computer screen so please excuse me if I'm wrong!) In order to reduce the choppiness of the thicker lines, consider increasing the pressure with one large stroke along the thigh instead of drawing over the same areas in shorter strokes.

    Overall, the form and proportions look fantastic, and accurate. You are capable of amazing art and realism!! I hope this was helpful input!


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    Hey there again, Nekorea,

    I've seen your Google Drives before, I feel that your drawings are obviously raw and energetic. I just totally love the range of expression, emotion, and movement in your 1 minute sketches.

    However, if I was to make another improvement, then it would be to just please do 75 minutes of 30-second hand and foot poses? The reason why??? It's because if your current goal is to make your hands and feet less stiff and more fluid, then go right ahead. Cheers and pray for your health and safety, and I hope you find these completely and totally kind and encouranging. And if you wanna see more information, check out the Glenn Vilppu drawing manual, link here: Vilppu Drawing Manual


    Youre definetely on the right path. The drawings get noticeably better with the final drawing being a huge improvement. Keep up what youre doing and stick with it.


    Hello Nekorea!

    These are very good and indicative of someone who is very comfortable with drawing figures! I would say by far 70, 72, and 73 are your strongest gesture drawings. My biggest recommendation would be blind contour drawing for your stiffness. Its difficult, but it has done wonders for everyone who has done it and really studied the purpose behind it!
    I might even recommend using a pen or broad sharpie so that your strokes become more confident and purposeful. Try to do your gestures in a single stroke without taking your pencil off the paper. Try focusing on getting the whole figure down, even if its just a stick figure, before you really start leaning into the details of the body.

    Otherwise these are very good for a several year long hiatus! Your longer drawings are definitely extremely strong and well done! I would be proud of them!


    I like your progress but I would strongly recommend that you upgrade your pencil to something better suited. Conté are great but if you can't get them then try to get a 6B or even 8B lead pencil. I think Tim Gula has some videos on how to sharpen and use them. He is also a master of gesture. Check him out at you tube. Good luck!


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