can you help me by critiquing me senpais ? ;]

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    Nice practice. Some of the drawings are rather too light to see well. Use a darker pencil like a 4B to do your final drawings. You need to do an in depth study of human anatomy - both muscles & bone structure. Be sure you make detailed drawings of what you find and keep them handy. The internet has a lot information on these subjects. You might also check out the following book:

    "Morpho: Anatomy for Artists" by Michel Lauricella. He has a lot of other related books you may want to check out.

    Also, remember: Practice makes better.


    Nice practice performance, marisa, on your first ever posts of drawings. That's a great job!

    If I was to recommend you on something like your figures is this post, then it would be to focus on the forces and forms, in 5 1-minute poses, please?

    And do you know why?? Because, if your goal was to understand sensitivity into human proportions, then you can, shall, and will go for it.

    Hope it's been completely and absolutely what the doctor ordered.


    Well definitely use darker pencil next time! and you are right about studying the human anotomy i was already searching for good resources which makes your recomendation just on time ;) Thanks for taking the time to critique \^,^/


    I'll make sure my next post to be 1-5 minute poses, and i'll draw lots of them! thank you for the recommendation \^,^/


    Very strong start! :D

    Proportion definitely appears to be your challenge right now. For example, the legs often appear to belong to a different size person than the upper body of your figures, such as the head. This is a common mistake to make and one of the hardest to train yourself out of, as you are focusing on capturing each individual part of the body accurately. But as you do so, take a moment now and again to try and compare the individual body parts to each other. How wide is the arm in comparison to the neck? To the thigh? Can you use the figure's head to measure the sizing of the other various body parts?

    Thank you for sharing your work with us. I hope this helps a little bit.


    These drawings are a good start! Others on here are saying you should use a darker pencil but I think you could just as well switch to scanning in your drawings, or at least taking photos in better lighting and adjusting the contrast before uploading.

    IMO the 2-minute drawings are the best of the lot, in terms of proportions and getting the gesture down. For longer poses it would help to first quickly map out the shape like you do in the 2-minute drawing, without overthinking it, and afterward going back and adding detail.


    You are right Kim ;'D everytime i relook at them, i see the deformation more and more ;D
    definitely need to pay more attention to that thanks!


    Hi Aliencommando, i will probably do both use a darker pencil and take a better quality pic next time ;)
    yea it seems like 2 min drawings are coming out better with the details later on. thanks for the advice)


    Its nice to see you are placing the action line clearly :) I think you could try to focus on proportions, especially on the limbs since they look a bit short sometimes. Great work so far!


    Hello, a lot of people said ton of good things i can help you only with one. When you do poses where someone is sitting try to imagine them standing up, that way you practice visualization which is important tool in artsists arsenal. Pay attention to what is in front of you, look analayze and keep doing drawings like this. You will get better!

    Stay safe!


    All of your suggestions for exircises mean alot)) much love.

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