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    like i have been drawing with a new technique for a little bit and i can only draw a good proportion figure every other page i draw (every page i draw 3 figures, so 2 out of 9 times i think) and its really annoying. im trying to pay attention to what im doing whenever i draw a new figure so i can try to be consistent, is this normal when your just starting? or should i look harder at what im doing

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    Without knowing more, all I can say is it will just take practice. Depending on your preference you could study body proportions and compare what you learn to your drawings. You can do that and/or concentrate on doing a bunch of quick gestures (I tend to go for anything between 15 to 45 seconds per pose). Gestures help A Lot when it comes to understanding body proportions.


    What i do is i warm up with gestures first. I do atleast 5 to 20 gestures just to get confidence. Then i start with the actual session. Learning anatomy also helps greatly. A good start would be to begin with just the torso which focus in the pectoral muscles, abdomen, back muscles and other muscles relating to the other parts of the body. Study the skeleton in its basic element and see how the human figure moves in relation to it. Never rush in drawing a figure. it is ok if you can't finish the drawing. The important thing is understanding what you are drawing. Look up Chris Legaspi's training videos. Helped me a lot.

    Remember, gestures only capture the action of the figure. A little understanding of anatomy helps you in finding the right or relative form. here's a video to help you.

    enjoy! hope i helped!

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