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    After getting some awesome feedback (thanks again Kim!) I'm trying to not care that my 30 and 60 sec cats dont look a thing like cats -its hard lol! And my 5 minute sketches stink as well. oh well. Just gotta keep on going, every day :) I wrote on each image the time i used, and I tried to draw what I felt was the line of action a bit darker.
    Any comments/critique appreciated! Thanks!

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    I think your 30 second sketches are excellent for a first shot at that length of time. You're clearly paying attention to the point of the exercise. Also: these sketches are noticeably less stiff than your last batch! Keep at it!

    (I will see if I can reproduce the Nan:Nan bug you encountered and fix it. ;) )


    Hey Kim,
    Thanks! I'm off to try some birds now I think :)
    Thanks on the NaN:NaN thing, I actually forgot to ask about that! I wroteit down to remember but forgot anyway....

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