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    I've been using this site for a few months and I love it! I have a problem with the timers in classroom mode. I am not as comfortable with shorter times on gestures and so I am usually focused so intently on sketching that I miss when I am switched to longer timers. Could the new time briefly appear over a new image that tells you how long the timer is?

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    Hey hoboriker! I'm so glad you're enjoying the tools!

    The top right corner shows the timer + how many images of that particular time are left before you're bumped up. Do you use this info? If not, is there a particular reason as to why?


    Yes I do see the timer but I have only been doing gesture drawing for the past few months and I am still uncomfortable with 30 second gestures. I become so focused and use every bit of my 30 seconds sketching and find it too distracting to keep looking at the counter and to keep the number of drawing in mind while sketching. I always mess up the first 1 min and very often even a 5 min sketch because I was focused on using the previous time. I really think a quick blank screen with the next set's time and number of drawings could really help newbies like me.

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