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    Hi! I've been start and stop drawing since I am 6 years old. Now, at 37 years old I will improve myself for sure. I try to draw everyday, do the exercises, watch a lot of videos on youtube and read about drawing. I hope you can help me with tips and criticizes. I intend improve my english too.

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    Hi Claudio! I moved your reply to its own topic so we can all say hi to you properly. :)

    Please feel free to post your drawings in our Critique forums or check out our Practice & Advice forums if you want more generalized help. That's the best place to get the help you want!

    Your English also sounds great! Whatever you're doing to improve your English is working out great. :D


    Welcome welcome! I hope you'll share your progress with us, I'm having a blast seeing what you're all up to. :)

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