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    i've spent a decent amount of time in the past month working on gestures to improve my general understanding of anatomy and to remove stiffness from my work, and was looking for some feedback regarding my progress.

    these are two images from today's warm ups:

    and about a month or two ago i shared these, for comparison

    have i improved? what are some areas i should continue to work on, if anything stands out?

    thank you !!

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    Good evening, gelatingem, it's me, Polyvios. I love how much range of gestures and emotion in your poses you've drawn. I completely love how much forms, spaces, silhouettes, proportions, perspective, and anatomy and tones you've got going so far in your long poses. Way to go, and keep up the good work.

    My tiny little suggestion is that your quick gestures look and/or seem a bit too cluttered in the warm-up poses, otherwise, they're very lively and appealing. Would you please loosen up your dominant and non-dominant hands with 15 minutes of 29 second fast poses? (60 seconds x 15 minutes=900 seconds/29 second poses=ruffly 31 quick sketches of poses) The reason is so that your gesture sketches will have the stronger possible lines of action and lines of rhythm. For more info, be sure to look into Proko on Youtube, and this video below.



    It's called, "The 7 L's of Gesture Drawing." It's about the benefits of gesture drawing.

    Hope this link to the video helps you out and support you so much.


thank you for the feedback !! ill check out the video and give those quicker poses a try, i appreciate it :)

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