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    So I've started improving on postures and figures, so I decided to try improve my faces, since they've always been pretty bad.

    And I'm still really horrible at it.

    One thing I struggle with is how to construct the face. I really don't know where to go, I attempt to get a general headshape down, but it's not really working for me.

    Do any of you have any good advice on that? :)

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    Watch some of proko videos on youtube, he covers everything about the face


    Proko is a great suggestion! I would also highly reccomend the books "Figure Drawing: design and invention" by Micheal Hampton, as well as "Drawing the head and hands" by Andrew Loomis. Both are quite easy to find if you google them :)


    Hey Gizzy faces are tough, what helped me draw them better was to understand how the skull looked, because whenever you see a face you see their skull! :D It also gives you a hunch of: why does the face have bumps here? The muscle fibres also go in different directions causing things to look round. If you're completely new to drawing the head, start drawing boxes and look at the face proportions eyes usually go in the center of the box and after that you can experiment! Something I've learned the past few months is that we have to learn to love the process - So you might as well experiment on what looks right and wrong. Oh and you can always draw ontop of magazines, try fitting their faces into boxes and draw lines where the mouth line goes around the box or where the ears are placed. I hope you get the idea! Just try having fun with your practice whenever you can, doing things systematically like following a technique like loomis or bridgeman is really helpful but it's also really boring after a while. Keep your drawing spirit alive! :D

    Oh and fun fact! The mouth and eye muscles are the same type as your anus, which is pretty cool... I think... eeeehehe

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