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    Sooo first of all I should warn you about my "not so good" english :'D But I hope it's all understandable :3 (Feel free to correct me xD I should improve my command of English anyway xD)

    Well, like the title is telling you, I need some advice and critique :) I really want to improve the fastest I can and I don't know... I don't think I'm improving fast enough xD
    I tried to do the classic mode of the practice tools (for gestures I think) but these 30s drawings really aren't my way of doing this... I don't have the feeling to learn anything from them D: The 2 minute sketches are working better for me I think :) Another problem for me with the classic mode is, I get bored really fast with the 1 hour and 2 hour drawings... I don't know... I don't have a problem with drawing 1, 2 or even more hours on a picture but I do have one if it's a pose or something I'm copying from a photo >.< Because like I said, it bores me to fast :/ And I can't draw concentrated if I'm bored by the picture I'm drawing D:
    Perhaps someone have some advice or different practice tipps for me? :)

    So next point :D I would be glad about some critique for my last drawings :3
    First one is from the middle of february, most of the pictures where drawn from imagination. I only had some references for the steampunk glasses and the clothes of the girl :)
    Next one is completely without references and I was practicing different nose types from imagination :)
    This one is from imagination too. except for the hands (wich aren't fully on the picture... xD). I userd my own ones as reference. And the two faces in the right and up corner were inspired by a sketch from another artist.
    So here on the left page, the heads are from imagination too and the poses on the right page are 2 Minute sketches (per pose) (I think they are all from yesterday)
    these are all 2 minute sketches from yesterday aswell :)
    2 minute sketches from yesterday and one 30s sketch from today
    and last the rest of my sketches from today :) on the left side from the classic mode (30minutes), I've made a note of the time I had per pose.
    The one down in the middle is a 2 minute sketch, just like all of the sketches on the right side :)

    So I hope I could get some critiques, advice and practice tipps from you ^^ Would be really happy about it :) And I hope my english isn't to bad... I'm sure there are a lot of mistakes... xD

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    Hi Nekooky!

    Don't worry, I'm able to understand you just fine. :)

    One of the things I want to start off is by sharing that it's incredibly difficult to advance in artwork if you can only draw when you're motivated. It shouldn't be a reason for you not to pursue practice, because the only way to get better is through discipline and sticking with a routine.

    If the subjects bore you, can you figure out why? What about the poses makes them uninteresting to work on for gestures, whereas 2 hour studies keep your engaged? If you can figure this out, it should be possible to find gesture references that can keep you going!

    The works you posted look really good to me. :) Love the noses in particular, they're so under appreciated!

    30 second gestures are useful because they force your brain to analyze more quickly and translate what you see onto paper more accurately over time. You don't feel like you're learning anything specific right now, but there is definitely a pay-off in the long term, I can assure you!

    What in particular do you want to improve about your art?


    Hey :D
    Thanks for the answer x)
    I know that I have to draw even when I'm not motivated and I really try to do so D: I draw at least one sketch a day but try to do more. Perhaps I'll do everyday studies as a routine (Like painting a picture in photoshop and figuring out why it is the way it is, like light and shadows or the perspektive or the pproportions :) )

    I think it's the pose or the model D: It's not every time but often. So perhaps it could work if I'm searching in the internet for references for the 1 or 2 hour studies :) Worth trying I guess :D

    Thanks a lot x) Yes I think so too :3

    Okay, that really sounds logical x'D Guess I do 30 second gestures more often then :) Perhaps I get the feeling of learning something later :)

    I'm not so sure about this xD I want to draw different characters and environments :) Because I really want to go to an university here to study game art xD And I want to do character and environment design ^^ Well I would love to do every art related stuff for games xD But characters and environments are the ones I'm interested in the most ^^
    And I really want to draw different looking characters xD With different nose types, different eyes, different jaws xD I want to draw characters who are really looking different... because I've seen a lot of great artists with really great characters but many of them aren't feeling so much different... D: And I clearly don't want this to happen to my characters too D:

    I have some new sketches I've made the last few weeks (or days xD Not sure XD)
    First ones are only faces from imagination :)
    This one is more realistic I guess.... at least I tried to draw it in a more realistic way xD
    And these are more.. mangaish... xD I don't know if it's manga anymore but I think so :) I like to draw manga but not so much anymore xD It's more something I do when I want to relax while drawing ^^ It's from imagination too but the character is from a game :3 I really love him XD (Harvey from stardew valley)
    here is a landscape I was drawing at night as a birthday present for my dad :3 But I really have to practice a lot for environments... 'cause I haven't drawn a lot of these until now... I guess I could count them with the fingers of my two hands xD And if I want to do environment designs for games I really should practice more of these D: Any tipps for practicing this kind of stuff?
    (Link looks a bit different because it's from my facebook page xD)
    Then the next one, was a 1 hour practice (in photoshop, so it's a digital painting) :) The proportions aren't the same as on the reference picture... the guy was way more handsome xDD
    And the last one was a study (digital too) I was painting while doing something different xD So I don't really know how long I was drawing... but it was way longer then the one above xD A few hours I guess :) Clearly not perfect but I was really proud about it XD But... I'm always glad if I get critique, so feel free to criticize my pictures :3 It's hard to get better without critique :D

    I should say, I haven't picked the colors by myself and used the pipette tool u.u I think that's not so good, at least if I want to learn how to choose the correct colors... I'll try to do it without the next time but I was always thinking about the colors I got with the tool xD I was often surprised how dark they were..


    I've started to do an environment study everyday :3 Without using the pipette tool xD (And with photos as reference xD But I guess that's obvious anyway? xD Isn't it? I don't know xDD But I guess studies are always with references, aren't they?)

    Whatever, here are my studies of the last few days :3


    Your artwork looks amazing! I have a degree in game design, and I was thinking that you might be interested in learning 3D modeling? I'm not sure if it will really help, but maybe learning a new art form will keep you interested in the models. Sketch out as much as you can during your studies, and then go and model them in 3D based off your sketches. This will also help out with your game design studies, as most artist positions require 3D modeling experience. Blender is a great place to start, because the software is free, but you may also want to look into programs similar to ZBrush, as it works more like a virtual piece of clay as opposed to Blender, which works with polygons.


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