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    I'm trying to get more comfortable drawing in general. I struggle a lot with hands and feet, so any tips or criticism would be super helpful. Thanks so much!

    Figure 1

    Sorry for the bad lighting and the millions of links ;;

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    Hi riceball,

    As I've seen in your drawings, it seems that you are trying to copy the forms that your eyes see without a structural base, loosing the whole view of the figure and sometimes, the correct proportions. May I ask in wich time do you drew the poses?

    If I'm correct, you should try to "relax" your hand with short poses. If you are not already confortable with 30 seconds poses, you can try to do the 1-2 minutes ones. Doesn't matter if you don't get visible results at the beginning (I mean, it's really possible that you wont draw an entire figure in this interval): the idea is to put you into the right focus towards figure drawing.

    Another thing that I see is that your sketches aren't very clean. It would help you to define the figure with less lines. In this way you will make your brain take a decision and construct a more solid idea of anatomy.

    If you haven't seen the site's tutorials about figure drawing yet, they would be very helpful and more accurate that my opinion.

    I'm not a professional, sometimes I struggle like you but these are advices that have helped me and continue to keep in mind them when drawing.

    Hope my answer will help you :)

    EDIT: when drawing hands I try to separate them in three forms: the palm, the fingers and the thumb. The lenght of the first two are the same. The structure of the thumb is quite different (roughly a short spoon), so you have to pay more attention to it and better check the anatomy if you have any doubts :)


    Thanks wk28! I was in class mode so I'm not quite sure exactly the times, but if I'm remembering correctly the ones on the first page are 1-2 mins while the next page is around 4-5 minutes. I will definitely try to loosen up a little while drawing! I do usually have not clean sketches, and sometimes I try to make it neater after by outlining the more important parts with ink pens and then erasing the original pencil, but it is definitely something I want to work to improve on!

    Thank you so much for your advice/critique!


    I used to do the way you do but it became a problem when drawing digitally. I spent a lot of time cleaning my artwork and the final result often looked irregular, motionless or weird.
    So knowing the times of the pictures I think you're working good! just keep practicing and never forget to "feel" the movement of the poses, to make them look more natural and less rigid

    I'm happy to know that I've helped you, but keep in mind is just my opinion and you will receive wiser advices than mine :)


    Hey Riceball, I like your hands :). I feel like your body parts are thought of as individual parts tho, your head in figure2 is a good example, it’s floating mid air. Also if you’re doing just five minute poses try to avoid showing form with shadow and focus on showing it with overlapping forms instead. Look up Cambiaso box drawings on google, they really helped me understand the importance of construction 🚧 but your drawings look good, also try to add your interval next to your figure, it is easier to give critique then :-) cheers!


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