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    Just made an account today. All Critiques are welcomed. (Note: Using Twitter for images only)

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    Hello and welcome to LOA, JO. I'm Polyvios, and I'm going to my lunch now, and how are you?


    You know, I love how much power, boldness, and guts in your quickest sketches of your figure studies. I think you've done the greatest jobs on your lines of action and rhythm, but I feel that these forces over forms are not getting enough expression and expressivity yet. Would you like to loosen but tighten up your forces and forms with 2 10 minute poses?

    The reason why is because, your poses' gestures and anatomy can and will get excellent with time and each new sketch, so that you can and will draw storytelling attitudes from imagination. For most details, please look into the Bridgman book on figure sketching.

    Good luck and thanks.


    Thank for your feedback, very insightful. Any examples of expression the forms of my gestures? Also an another example of "Loose but Tightned" forces and forms? I can do 2 ten minte poses but some examples or books would be appreciated.

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    You know, if I would think of some examples for you, I would suggest and recommend any of the YouTube videos from Tonika and Proko, such as these three:





    Thank you for asking.

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