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    Hello everyone, I am currently studying Figure Drawing - Design and Invention by Michael Hampton and trying out to get some gestures going. It would be a huge help if you people can give me critique on these. TIA

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    You have a very good start on drawing figures. You need to go forward and complete them. To help you in that you need to study human anatomy - both muscle and bone structure. If you draw a clothed figure, it would be very nice if you know the muscle & bone structure below the clothes. The internet has a great deal of information on these subjects for free. Remember: Practice makes better.

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    I totally admire your first start, Keyframer 09. That's a really good start!

    If I could help you with this sketch, then really practice on your important, simple forms, and importantly, your general proportions and angles.

    I completely have two reasons: First of all, to help you loosen up and tighten your forces; and second, to define and sculpt out your body relationships with the head, hand, and foot relationships.

    Hope it's been absolutely and totally profitable. Take greater care,

    Polyvios Animations

    P.S. Have a really, really, really nicer time.


    I like that you aren't too shy with using sharper, more animation style line work. This style is extremely useful for gestures to capture volume and indicate movement. I recommend leaning into that more.

    It's okay to show volume with perpendicular lines but not totally necessary/does little to help how it reads. Instead break things down into shapes and show them.

    I would stay far far away from using arrows to show movement. It's okay initally but don't let this become a habit because it will stunt your growth. Find other ways to indicate movement/direction OR be confident that your linework shows that.

    Would be helpful if we knew how long you're spending on the gestures too. My advice is always to go faster.

    Overall these look pretty solid! Keep up the good work and grind away.

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    You ve got lovely pose skill, just got to work more on your proportions.


    You have captured the flow of the positions nicely.

    If you remember the 8-heads (to the height of a person) "rule" { first head (ends at ~collarbone), 2nd head usually measures to the solar plexus/end of breast bone, 3rd =~ the belly button, 4th =~ the crotch, ~2 heads for thigh, ~2 from knees to feet }, it'll keep your forms in better proportion.


    I love how fluid your drawings are - they capture a lot in very few lines. Would love to see more detail in future pictures. Can you focus on a particular part of the drawing to bring it out more?


    I love how fluid your drawings are - they capture a lot in very few lines. Would love to see more detail in future pictures. Can you focus on a particular part of the drawing to bring it out more?


    Hi there,

    I have spent more time on some of these sketches than others and tend to be more intuitive in my drawing rather than technical. Therefore I often get proportions wrong. Would love some feedback and any tips you can offer so I can work on this :)

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    Looks good! I'd suggest considering weight when you're drawing, thinking about how your model is balancing, and where they need to be leaning in order not to fall over. More structure would also probably prove helpful, especially in the torso. Map out where your chest and your hips lay with basic shapes first, connecting them with a line like you have in your drawings, representing the spine.

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    I love the way you capture the motion. However, your proportions can be a bit off. Sometimes the head is a bit small and other times the torso may be too long. Good job! Keep practicing!

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    I really like the volume and motion you've described here! The proportions are a bit off in some, but I'm not sure that that was the focus of your exercise.

    I'd love to see more of your work! :)


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