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    Finally i finished my personal project "7 Deadly sin's". I know what i dont really improve in this project and i must do a lot of studies to reach certain art style I would like to paint, so will be very grateful for some critique about this my project :)

    P.S. Sorry for my bad english... :D

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    Hi, I hope you're still looking for critiques!

    1. As far as painting goes, I'd suggest using harder brushes and avoiding the use of airbrush altogether. Harder brushes create texture, which makes your work more interesting to look at and shows confidence in your abilities.
    2. I suggest that you work on general human anatomy and facial anatomy studies. Lust's face, Greed's torso, and overall hands and feet could be improved upon.
    3. Try experimenting with colours. The colour palettes you've used in this project are, in my opinion, somewhat lacking in contrast (Greed, especially). Using a wider range of values and saturation would make your work 'pop' more.
    4. And finally, use references. Especially for the lighting; each of the characters is lit directly from the front, and while you've done that well it would create more atmosphere and make your work more striking to have your subjects partially in shadow, or lit from above/below/behind/the side, etc. Also, using references for fire (Wrath) and bat wings (Pride) would make your work more realistic.

    I hope you'll find this useful
    P.S. No need to apologise for your English, it's not bad at all!


    Well, the demons lack of emotions and personality, yeah, sure the’re demons and they are evil, but you are only focusing on only making them look evil, you are not focusing in the sin that the demon represent, making them generic demons, if someone saw these illustrations without the tittle names, I’m pretty sure that they would have a hard time telling which sin is which.

    Your mistakes are in the body gestures and facial expressions, for example, pride, his design is fine, but his posse is not, he does’nt look proud at all, he looks like has no clue of what’s going on, his face should be looking happy, because he should be proud, but he is pissed instead.

    Sloth, is resting is arms on his knees, but that’s actually not lazy enougth too be called a sloth, he is too uptigth.

    I could go like this withe rest,so, my advice is, that, next time, you should find a posse and a facial emotion that communicates the story that you wanna tell with the character.


    Here are two great critiques by Sycra of other folks works that cover the main issues concerning your images.


    Drawing Form:


    I believe way too much of your focus was spent on color, gradients and such rather than character action, form and anatomy. I think Sycra's videos will show you better than I could tell you here and give you some tips to really help.


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