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    I want to work on clarifying/Expressing my gestures. Any suggstions and examples? Also how are my lines, shapes, and forms? What else can I improve on such as story telling?

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    Hello and welcome aboard, JO NI. Nicest but boldest but most powerful drawings in your forces in your poses and arms and legs anatomy, plus the torso forms and shapes. I love the strength, conviction, and clarity of the visual storytelling, lines, shapes, spaces, and forms. Very emotionally resonant and appealing indeed. But, I'm not getting enough of the most strongly organic forms yet. Would you care to just go ahead with just 4 10-minute figures, all done from your arms initially, while your wrists can and will be for the details.

    The most fastest you draw your figures and more, the least concerned you can be on the most smallest details. The one main reason: to help youself to get to be the best in drawing exercises for animation, art, comics, cartooning and others.

    And if you're really curious about most drawing tips and tricks, may I suggest you look into any of the Mattesi Force Drawing books on Amazon and Kindle?

    Good luck to you and your first goal.


    Thanks for the critique. As for the texts you mentioned, I have already have purchased the books and they have been a wealth of examples and tips. I will do more 10+ minutes of drawings.


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