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    I have been doing gestures for a while now and need criticism for these 30s drawings.

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    You seem to be heavily focused on the silhouettes that the figure makes, which is a fine thing to practice, but I wonder if you also practice marking where the spine, ribcage, and hipbones are at other times? That can be very useful for learning WHY you're seeing the silhouette you are, and being able to draw more effectively from memory later.


    I echo Kim's questions! :) Your gestures look really nice, but most people tend not to learn as much as they could from doing only silhouettes. I know I personally benefit from breaking bodies down anatomically, as they give me more flexibility to adjust the figures I draw without needing additional references.


    Thanks for the feedback guys :)

    "practice marking where the spine, ribcage, and hipbones are at other times?"
    How do i go about this?

    As per to why i focused on the silhouettes all gestures where created in 30s so i only had time to capture the pose/motion.


    Sorry for the late reply

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