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    These are 3min drawings. I've been trying to improve my proportions. Any suggestions?

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    Absolutely brilliant sketches of figures, felinel, they're absolutely great.

    But I've got one small, tiny. little request: I love how the big strokes are being felt there, but why don't you please unshackle them in 31 minutes of 30 second poses?? And why???? Because, it'll make your much broader strokes become even more forceful and sincere in attitudes.

    Hope this piece of advice is definitely salutary.


    These are really great. Great overall body proportion and capturing of the line of action/bodily gesture. I get a Loomis feel from your form structures and shows a good understanding of form.

    My only comment would be to focus on one figure per sheet, increasing your canvas size per figure. This will help challenge and lock in your current understanding further, as you will be more aware of the proportions in each area in relation to the overall form.

    Keep it up! Great stuff :D


    Looking real good! I would recommend trying to add in shading to add some challenge and understand the volumes of the body more.


    Thank you for your kind comments! I was practicing rather fast ones for doing animation. Will do more detailed poses for a longer time later ;D

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    Hi Felinel!

    Very good figures, your proportions are pretty good but i noticed your lines are a bit wonky and they all have the same line weight. i recommand using a stabiliser or working on your line work by doing an exercize that consists of drawing 10min of circles, 10 min of straight lines etc, and also using a brush with transfer where you can have variation of line. line weight is a great part of figure drawing and can make a piece come together and it makes the figures more readable and you should know which parts of the body to emphasize with a strong line and which parts to imply with a subtle line. also remember to draw using your shoulder not the wrist for more free lines. But it's overall very good you have a great sense of volume good job! cheers


    They are amazing! Just keep sketching and maybe try painting a few.


    Hi Teberik!

    Thank you for your very useful suggestions. I will try to improve my line quality ;)

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