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    I dont know if I’ve improved since I last posted here, but I think it’s worth sharing anyway! I’ve been trying to work on construction lines, so any advice for that would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Thank you very much!


    Wow! This is just great, they have volume, direction and overlaps look good. The only things I can say is that you lack a line of action to make the gestures really flow and the second thing is that you seem to be placing the pelvis just below the ribcage. The measurement I've learned is that it's about 1 fist between the bottom of the ribcage and the top of the pelvis and it's really easy to try out on yourself. I'd do a video on these shenanigans it's just that I'm going to sleep, maybe I'll post one tomorrow. Anyways - nice 2 minute poses!


    That’s really helpful! I’ll work on that next time, and thank you!


    Trust yourself. You have so many sketchy lines because you don't trust yourself.
    Also I am going to guess you are holding your pencil in the traditional tripod stabilizing position, try flipping it so you move from your elbow or your shoulder.

    Another practice technique you can do is look. Spend a good 30 seconds, or a minute looking at the image. tracing the movements with your eyes and imagining the movement you are going to make with your hand. You will find that the time you have to draw will be better used because you won't feel so rushed.


    Some of these have a good strong gesture to the limbs and hands. I particularly like the bottom right corner and the facepalm one. A visible drawn line of action is not always necessary for a strong gesture. And gesture happens even in very small or simple objects.

    I’m not sure if you’re working on construction lines in the sense of drawing through the form, or in the sense of using the envelope method to focus on finding straight lines. And I’m not sure how well the envelope method can work in 2m. But it’s definitely worth thinking about ways to use straight lines even when you draw through a form. Both techniques really push line in a very dimensional way. Don’t be afraid to make strong marks and just run with them. There’s not much time to erase in 2m.

    The bent over figure has a really nice blocked in foot. Linear, uses mostly cubic or rectangular forms, and very well observed in a few lines. You did good there. Trying to find that kind of simplification for hands and feet is hard, and where you have it you’re getting a lot more likeness to show through.


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