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    This will be my second time posting here, and I'm starting over from scratch. I don't see any improvements. I'm overthinking my gestures, and I'm getting frustrated. Can someone critique these and give me some advice please? I've lost my confidence.

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    Gorgeous work on your 30 minute class mode, Jon_draws1242. Great work on your forces and forms, and your details, as good looking as they were, you're getting there. Don't be too rough on yourself, you're getting a little bit better every day, if only you'd do it or try doing the job. Great use of perspective, weight, construction and motion in your forms and forces and details.

    My tinier, smaller suggestion is that I love your 5 and 10 minute studies, but I'm not so certain on how your forms and details move and emote to the forces. Would you pleace like to loosen up your wrist, elbow and shoulder with a 10 minute pose, followed by a 5 minute attitude drawing?

    The reason why you could and should do this tiniest, smallest suggestion is because, your forms and details will be able to shed away some of the rigidity, and push for all of the dynamism, fluidity, liveliness and energy and gutsiness.

    Just so you'd know:

    Practice makes myelin, and myelin makes perfect.

    -Daniel Coyle.

    For more inspiration, be sure to look at this video:


    Please don't let it overwhelm you, for this may and might be totally influential.

    Good luck to you and your first ever goal.


    Hi, thank you! I really ought to loosen up. I'll get to warming up first then hit the gestures.


    Hey John_draws1242! Firstly, I think your gestures are gorgeous, so don't lose your confidence over this. The forms look fluid and you've got your line of action down. I'd take a moment to step away from your drawings for a little while and come back to them with fresh eyes. Hopefully then, you'll be able to see how well you've drawn these figures. Seriously, keep up the great work!



    The presentation says a lot about how much you care about your work and what you are studying. Take the time to rotate your pictures to the correct orientation and place filters on your work so that it looks like a fresh sheet of paper. You can do this by editing your photos on your phone, or later on a computer program. Make it look like we are in-person looking at your sketchbook. Yeah, it takes time. But if you learn this skill early, it will change who follows your work, who will take time to critique it or who will take you seriously as an avid hobbyist or professional artist.

    You have great spacing between figures. But some of your better drawings have fewer drawings on the page. Try and draw one figure on each page. It is not wasting paper, it is an exercise to keep you focused on the one form you are drawing with the others distracting you from your task.

    All the best,

    JCML Fine Art



    I saw this and wanted to respond with: thanks. I appreciate that advice and I will aim to do so. I'm a bit better off now since I posted this call for critique and will be doing more.


    Hi, I think you do take time to study the anatomy, this is what I read from your long pose drawing. This is nice! In the same time, you can try to improve the difference between dollar line and penny line, which will make your drawing more impressive.

    For the quick drawing part, if you are not confident enough to have a curve line, try to separate one curve line to 3-4 straight line. And the quick drawing is more about the rhythm but the details, so try not to think the outline shape but take more gesture inside.

    Hope my little suggestion could bring you some idea.

    Keep practicing. 😃

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