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    I watched Proko's video on structure and one of his assignments was to construct animals using cubes, spheres and cylinders. This was my first day doing so. Although I don't think I did terrible I think I still have a lot to improve on And would appreciate tips/critique. It was so easy to visualize the drawing of the animal in my head but when I actually tried to draw it it felt like there were so many different shapes I could draw or it just felt very difficult to visualize a part of the animal as a shape? For example I didn't know whether to go with drawing joints or just ending a limb with a cylinder, etcetc. I also feel like I rushed a bit and will definitely take my time more next time.

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    You did an interesting job using shapes, but I see it's important, you also think about smaller shapes, dividing the drawing into from large shapes to small ones, example, for the cat's face, you can think of a box for the top. and two spheres for the "cheeks", for the torso, think of three ellipses of different sizes, in short, think first of the larger shapes, and then think of the smaller shapes, and lastly of the tiny ones, in addition to first focusing on pass the gesture, then you focus on the shapes, and finally on the weight of the line, in addition, it is important for you to ask yourself, "What makes the animal, this animal?", or, "What makes me identify that the Is the person sitting?" Before finalizing the analysis, about the shapes, use the ones that work best for you, and about the questions, make adaptations to them, to make more sense with what you are drawing or trying to understand.

    A hug, I hope I helped you.


    Hello, C0baltist, and welcome aboard.

    Say, I am so loving how much gesture you've poured into your organic forms of all of your animals, especially your fattest cat, cause it looks mostly like the most squished clay rectangle prism. It just so caricatures the feeling of lazying around the floor.

    If I could give you the most solid feedback, it's that your cat looks like it's been drawn with most too many lines. Why don't you please loosen up your line economy with our interactive drawing tutorial here?

    Ad a result of that interactive tutorial, your basic shapes and forms will be most quickly visualized the least geometrical but the most dynamic, energetic, but most liveliest in animation drawing of anything, EVEN ANIMALS!

    For most details, kindly observe this book by Andrew Loomis, Successful Drawing and Fun With A Pencil.

    Good luck, but let's hope these have been concrete.


    Thanks so much


    Thank you

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