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    Hello! I'd like to ask for help on how to improve my anatomy drawings and hand drawings. Most of the hands are 3 minute sketches, while the anatomy drawings are about 7 minute sketches. drawings ^^

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    Hey, I think that you should try to use lines continuously.


    Good afternoon, xielianlover, how do you do this afternoon? Great work on your loose and light style of drawing graphic lines, shapes, spaces and forms of the hands and female forms. Why don't you please keep up the great work, I say?

    I feel that most of all the lines and shapes look far too itchy, hairy, and scratchy in the general female body and any hands, unless you'd want to give the hairs to those bodies and hands to give them some character, unless you're a bit too timid in your perception of edges. Would you please free up your arms and hands with a 5 minute figure drawing of any female and male, and also loosen up your hands and arms with 2 minute warm-ups of hands and feet? So that your contours will become less itchy, and more bold, smooth and confident. But that's not all! Your lines of action will become more bold and powerful in the acting choices in illustrations, comics, and animations. For some more great stuff, here's this link right here.

    Hope these have been completely helpful.


    Hello Polyvios Animations! Thank you so much for your feedback on my work. Bozin has also stated earlier in the discussion thread that I should try to use more lines continuously and I agree that I am not confident in my line strokes.

    I'm not actually giving any hair to the bodies/hands I drew, and I'm glad about your honest opinion on my work ^^ I will try to be more confident in my illustration abilities.

    I also checked the link you attached and I'm grateful for the advice! I think that doing warm ups will help me get more confident and comfortable with my works. Thank you so much for the insight!

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