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    I started to re-learn how to draw two weeks ago and after reading through some books and doing gesture figure and "bean" exercises for a few days, I tried some full figure drawings. Appreciate any feedback!

    Sketching practice (NSFW)

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    WOW! I am really in love with your figure anatomies, Raddy. I'm really in love with your gestures. I'm really in love with your constructions. They're very Chinese-painterly with your pencil strokes. I'm so really in love with your proportions. And, I'm so really very in love with your human anatomy. But I've got one small request: Why don't you draw 10 more sketches, in 29 seconds each, pretty please? The reason why is for, your anatomy, proportions, constructions, and gestures will become even more than faster and most confident, even if you're gonna screw up but still, it'll be just a scribble. Hope and pray that it'll succeed in your illustrative lines.

    Polyvios Animations


    Huh, it won't let me view the images. I'm stuck at 18+ screen, and yes I'm 18+... :)


    @boop is there a better image host to use so you can see it?

    @polyvios thank you! I am doing quick gesture exercises everyday, still working to improve.

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