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    For context I am definently rusty since it's been a year, so I'm looking for all and any advice you have! (Harsh critiscm is welcome and appreciated) Also if there is any tips on structuring my characters (Like using blocks or circles at the joints) is also wanted! I'm linking to a google drive since it's two days of lessons. :) *NOTE: Some of the drawings are nude. Link:

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    As you mention, maybe consider drawing the lines and blocks that makeup the body (like in the 30s practices of your second day) and then adding in the body's outline with the spare seconds. The 1min+ outlines are great and you can really tell how the person is positioned, but practicing drawing out the fundamentals underlying the poses before the body's outlines might help with more complicated poses. But otherwise good job!


    Hello there, Kate, nice work on your, what are these?- 30 minute class drawings. Nicer work on your 30 second poses!! Great job on your 1 minute and 5 minute drawings, here, too! Escpecially, your 10 minute final figures.

    What I can and shall say, that your 5 and 10 minute attitudes are very much solidly drawn in terms of the balance in the design.

    If I could suggest you a totally honest and sincere criticism, I mean, a piece of advice, either. First, I feel that most of your quick sketches are a bunch of rigid and stiff brick poses, and I think you're getting a great confidence in your line quality. Why don't you please do the, if you haven't already, online interactive drawing tutorial here on this website? And second, there are tons of great examples structuring your characters, here is this video down below, for example:

    This video is a Kim Jung Gi lecture on construction and anatomy, here. This is useful cause he teaches the great drawing fundamentals, yet, though he teaches in Korean, but the images, speak for their education. As for the english subtitles, I don't know, maybe we can find this out.

    Piggy-backing to the online drawing tutorial here on line of action,

    ,maybe this would be able to help you loosen up your cartoon gestural sketches.

    So, good luck, and cheers to you.


    wow. better than mine. you go, girl! very articulate, and it tells me what this figure is doing. so in my words, great job and keep it up


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