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    Good time of the day! At the moment name's Billie J. Cake.
    I'm really happy with the tool improving. Fingers were crossed during troubles site had.
    It's my first post here, 'cause i'm procrastinating a lot and do not visit this place as often as I should X)
    I'd like that to change though. It occurred to me that I should practice daily, to form a habit or something. I'm not an artist, so mostly neglected actual learning (a couple of instructional videos on figure drawing doesn't really count). Anyway it feels nice to be able to put thoughts on paper/screen and the only way to make the process less painful is to know how to do it. Also might help to fight this weird feeling that seems awfully like depression.

    Here's most of the figures saved from my yesterday 30min class, it goes from 30s to 10min by the end of the page: figure drawing

    I think I'll figure things out with faces though, but feedback would be nice nevertheless. Same timing as above: face drawing

    Not sure if I'm supposed to see what I'm doing wrong (or right), but I tend to go quickly from 'hm, this leg looks a bit weird' to 'omg, look at that pelvis! And displaced nose. And twisted arms. And i'm not even going to mention legs again.' Thus picture usually thrown away entirely rather than fixed X__X
    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    Billie, these are really great. Thank you for sharing.


    I'm so glad you're enjoying the new tools!

    I've had several beloved drawing teachers through my life who would repeat mantras like "She who erases most wins"

    Which is to say: learning to see, acknowledge, and then go through the process of figuring out how to fix your mistakes is a major skill, and heavily engages your brain in creating new connections and revising old bad ones. If you can stand it, do it! :)


    Thanks, JeremyA, Kim.

    A little update for today on figure drawing.
    It got me thinking that I keep seeing gesture lines as bones and lose some energy of the pose in the process. It gets worse in the legs.
    Another thing are proportions, they get messed up all the time. Especially the head. And the face on it is always too small when i'm trying to draw full body. I know about roughly seven (depending on the artist who's saying it) heads in adult human body, but I guess to apply this knowledge quickly I just need a lot of practice.


    This week I took a different approach and ended up with this and this

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