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    these are from a 30 min (or could've been an hour) class from a few weeks ago.

    Im currently working on how to make my figure drawings more fluid and energetic, but advice on any other problems is welcomed.

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    Hello and good evening, frankthegoblin, I'm Polyvios. How are you? Great job on your figure sketches, with their economy of statements and their quick range of expression. Way to go.

    I've got one small recommendation: I love how much movement you've got on your forces and forms, but they're not too exaggerated enough. Would you please work loosely and quickly with a 2 minute pose, with a crayon. The two reasons or more why you could do this suggestion is because, your lines will be nearly impossible to overwork. And furthermore, to make your figures more exaggerated and free in your lines of forces. Good luck to you. Here's the following quote:

    Go as far as you can go, and then go farther.

    Art Babbitt.

    My hat's off to you, and good luck to you.

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