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    Wow, another major improvement! I like how you are using the overlapping rectangles to represent the main portion of the hand and the muscles of the thumb. It's giving your under drawings a much more true-to-life shape and proportion.

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    Thanks Kim! Here's today's attempt.


    Hands are my biggest weakness so I don't have a lot to add in terms of critique, but I compared the first links you posted to your most recent one and I wanted to compliment you on your more than evident improvement! You're working super hard and it shows. :) Keep it up!


    Thanks Sanne, it's very encouraging to compare my drawings now and those I drew two weeks ago; although I'm still a long way from being satisfied with how a lot of them are still turning out.

    Here's today's page.


    Yeah, improvement every time I look at your work.

    I noticed in your posts that you've been practicing for about a year? I am understanding that right?


    I've been learning to draw since January this year. I've been keeping a log of exactly how long I've spent ddrawing, and I've also been uploading every page to get feedback and to keep a record. Most of my time so far has been spent practising drawn shapes, landscapes, and learning perspective. I hadn't done any figure drawing before coming to this site, unless you count these images from right after when I started:
    Three - This one also has an early attempt at a hand

    I've been going to a drawing Meetup every Monday, which has several tutorial books you can borrow for the night. I few weeks ago I borrowed an anatomy book and started on the first section, which was about how to draw a hand. Someone in the comments recommended this website to me.


    I am enjoying watching you grow. Good work and keep up the practice.


    Thanks Jeremy.

    Here's today's attempt. I feel like there's a noticeable drop in quality today - the only hand I'm happy with is the one in the bottom-right.


    Here's today's attempt.

    I did three five-minute exercises, as well as a 10 minute exercise today (I did fewer 30-second and 1-minute exercises to make room on the page).

    The last hand was viewed at a slight angle, with the thumb closest to the viewer, and the pinky furthest. You can see I rubbed out the ring finger and the pinky and redraw them smaller, and I shortened the width of the hand; but instead of creating the effect I was hoping for, this only resulted in a more distorted hand. The last 5-minute hand was also at an angle, and it similarly turned out looking distorted. You can see this on my pages from previous days as well - my drawings of hands at an angle turn out much more distorted than of hands viewed straight on.


    That is a classic stumbling block. Don't be discouraged! :)


    I think this is your best practice page yet. Keep it up! :)


    Thanks Kim, although I think I just got easier hand positions yesterday.

    I drew these ones today.

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