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    I've been trying to improve my landscapes drawings and houses/buildings as well, but since I've been doing all this by my own, I have no insight into my overall performance. Can anyone help me?

    I've put some of my drawings into this link:

    I'd just like to make it clear that I don't have a big understanding of perspective points yet.

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    I think learning perspective would really help you improve your drawings.

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    Greatest job on your landscapes/backgrounds/buildings, alliwak. You've got some real promise. But, I've got one very helpful piece of advice for you: Why don't you do 1 minute of 30 second sketches of scenes and environments, if you pretty, pretty please? Thus, your locations will become more fast and confindent in your actions. Could you do that for me, if you, please, please?? Hope you'll find it extremely paramount.

    Polyvios Animations

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    Hello, Polyvios Animations, I'd love to try 1 minute to 30 seconds sketches of scenes and environments, but I can't because it is only premium. And I cannot have it because I live in Brazil and for us dollar is very unaffordable at the moment.

    But sure I can try to sketch more by myself looking at some random images I can find.


    Hiya Alli,

    Wow! So, your depth in your landscapes is good, although definitely not gonna be close to Bob Ross anytime soon. I think you're good at interier sketches, minus a few proportion issues. Maybe you'd do better trying more 3D outdoor landscapes on houses, maybe try getting the rough shape down without details. And when working to improve, I think it helps to have other details lined up with what you're trying to improve on, like trees around houses, or maybe a car, or something you know you're good at drawing, maybe a dancing girl in the yard of a small cottage. I think that drawing of the moutain was beautiful, although shy on the details.


    Hi alliwak! I think your drawings are very cute and detailed. I understand perspectice is hard, though you've started off very nicely. For your last drawing I saw that you used two point perspective on the roof, however, you didn't use it on the bottom or other similar flat objects in the wall. I think it would help if you tried that. Great job and I really hope you're proud of your drawings, they're really realistic and detailed.


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