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    A handful of recent 30 minute classes

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    Arlatius, I really, totally do say that you've done a great job on all of your 30 minute class sessions you've posted up here. Great job on your quick sketches and gestures. Great job on your silhouettes, and more importantly, greater job on your weights, balances, proportions, perspective and foreshortening, thus far.

    In the quick gestures, I love how much of a range of expressions in your line quality and consistency. I am in love of how clear your silhouettes and neg. spaces in your attitudes (poses). And I am, more importantly, how well you combine these things with the proportions, perspective and foreshortening in the figures, particularly in the arm in the upper image. My bigger criticism is that although your anatomy is getting to be well articulated, but it has the problem for me of being far too contrived. Would you like to be a lot more looser and free-est with your gestures in your 10 minute drawing, followed by a 5 minute pose doodle? The reason is because of two reasons: 1) to get your hand and body moving in the drawings. 2) To make your pose's proportions and anatomy have more of a kinda deranged quality, like the late Carlos Nine.

    This video is completely worth it if you could and should download for your study, and for the screen captures for the drawings and paintings alone, just to get an idea of how much funny art that he can get away and had gotten away. Good luck, and Happy New Year!


    It would depend, I think, on what Artlatius is trying to learn/achieve. For proportion and dynamism, I think it's very fine work - not contrived. The Renee result is quite different than that of cartoon, I would say.


    What do you mean Renee result?


    Good job artatius you've captured the figure in motion with your quick gestural lines. I could suggest trying for fun drawing with your opposite hand and see your results. It's fun way to loosen up.


    Sorry, "end" result


    Nice sketches,

    I think the lines for the limbs work well and feel well anchored to the body. I'd give a suggestion to draw a second line of action at the beginning of the sketch that shows how the model is standing in space, like a line of best fit from the feet to the head or arms. I find this really helps in lining up the drawing so they're balanced, and don't feel like they might tip over.

    A lot of the (great) reference photos are from stills so the model would have to balance themselves for a bit of time to make the poses too.

    All the best


    I think your gestures are looking great! It's hard find something to critique, but if I had to, I would say maybe try to work on loosening up your longer sketches. It looks like the longer poses are starting to get a bit stiff and the lines look a bit like maybe you are trying to get it too perfect which is causing some life to leave the sketches. Over all, I think the shapes and the lines of the gestures are great, the longer poses just need a bit more of the life your gestures have. I'm looking forward to see what how you progress!

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