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    It's good that you are doing this : ) honestly what you need is just more of it, this is kind of what my stuff used to look like too. I think you aught to try to give yourself even less time to get the figures down, I can see you make lines with much movement in them already and thats good, but there is also some chickenscratching going on. Too many lines with not enough flow.

    When doing gesture its good to use as few lines as possible to capture the pose you are trying to do, exaggerating the pose might help to, as long as you capture the "spirit" of it you can bend some things more than they actually do to emphasize that. did a little redraw, mostly your poses are fine, just ened to work on not making so many lines : ) that comes when you practise a lot.

    I made a stick figure also, thats the kind of stickfigure you can draw to help simplify the pose, if you have to get a pose down quick its useful to only have to make the important parts.

    I tried to show what I meant by exaggerating the pose too : ) hope this helps.

    ps. some videos from this guy might help you also:


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