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    Hi there, please critique for my drawing. it takes 30 min (the last one of 1 hour class)

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    This is a pretty solid drawing, your proportions and value mapping are really accurate, and your line weight (especially on the axe) is really satisfying. Your figure has a great sense of mass and volume, much of that due to your value structure.

    As far as things to look out for, I'd recommend focusing on the construction of the limbs and the overlapping of forms where there is foreshortening, especially near points of articulation such as the elbows, shoulders, and hands. Research the anatomy of those areas, as well as the skeltal and musculature of the limbs and back so you can better understand and construct them.

    You seem to also be relying on line in some areas to construct the forms (mostly in the upper body, particularly the elbows, head, and shoulders) and shading in others (mostly the lower body), it breaks a sense of cohesion, try to stick to either line or shading (or even a combination of the two) and keep them consistent throughout the whole drawing. As far as your line weight is concerned it should be lighter near your light source, in this particular drawing that looks to be the upper right of the figure, so that right arm, shoulder and the right side of the head could use some lighter lines and value to indicate there proximity to the light, it will really help round the head and give the hair a sense of texture too.

    Also, try pushing your values harder, really push the contrast. Your value mapping is great, you really only need to deepen the darker values and lighten the areas near to the light and you should be fine. As a final note always try to add in a cast shadow on the surface your figure is rested/standing on, it will really help to ground your figures and push the feeling that they occupy a real space.

    Overall, you have a great start, you don't seem to have any major issues that need to be addressed, you just need to push what you have a little further and your work will really stand out. Good luck!


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