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    Hello ^^ I want to start realling improving my art and having an unfamilar eye spot some mistakes would be great help! Thanks in advance

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    Say, Platospace, those drawings are doing a great job on show force, form, weight, balance, and asymmetry in lines, shapes, and spaces indeed! You know what I'd love to recommend? Loosening up your lightest lines, shapes, and spaces to strengthen up your drawing appeal and balance.

    As a result, for instance, if you'd offset the high points of your angles and curves, then your eyes will be forced to see through them in your designed pose.

    Hope you've found this very tip extremely encouraging.

    Polyvios Animations

    P.S. For more details, look into the Disney Sample Portfolio PDF online and the Kindles and PDFs of the two Walt Stanchfield books.


    The shading is great. You can distinguish the core shadow from the bounce light. The eyes are set a little wide but this could easily be passed off as a stylistic choice. I allways recemend more time with a sternographic break down. It would help you sit your forms in space. This is a good job.


    sorry for late reply I forgot I posted this but tysm!! Ill def try to loosen up :DD


    ooo okay Ill def try that tysm!!

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