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    Critique on rendering and anatomy. The books suggest had been useful. Any suggestions for more challenging activities to improve shortcomings, especially foreshortening?

    Edit: Fixing some techincal issues. For some reason, the link does not show all of my images in a single post. Not sure if anyone saw all of my drawings.

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    There is a bit of a gap between 30 second sketches and rendering... 30 seconds at most gives you a faint idea of a pose, a concept to develop. The next step would be to start building a foundation on that concept. I would propose to first start to develop a more complex, anatomical form for your torso, as it defines the body in space, and determines where the major joints need to be.

    My most recommended course on the topic of how to develop a foundation of a figure would be, basic course has all you need. I can't guarantee that it is the best course evaaaaa, because I only took that one, and so I have no comparison, but I can guarantee that it taught me a lot of what I use today.


    This was very informative, thank you for time to exlpain my shortcomings. I do watch Proko's content but to have a structure class that focuses on foundation figures is immensely helpful.


    Hello JO, and upon looking at your quickest sketches, I must really do say that I think your drawing talents are definitely and absolutely on the rightest track. But I feel that the simplest but most organic forms need most work, so how would you like to please just go ahead doing the bean poses and robobean poses by drawing a series of 2 10 minute poses, as seen in the Proko drawing videos of the bean and robobean torsos?

    As a result, you can and will and shall be able to work the most simplest in the most complicated anatomy shapes, spaces, and forms, even if you could and would use to learn how to draw floursack bodies. My hat's off to you, and here's this link, and thank you.

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