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    Hello all, my first post here, I recently started doing 30 minutes classes every day (or it would be my target anyways), these are some of the 5 minutes and 10 minutes sketches I did, I'm only now beginning to do this, and I hope to improve with time


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    focus on structure , think in 3-d


    Hey, hey, hey, TheRealBanano!!

    Nicest job on your first ever post on Imgur, and I love how clear and smooth your lines of your figures are.

    Well, if I was to suggest a critique, then it would be to tell you that, your drawings look good, but there's no sense of storytelling in those attitudes. Why don't you please do 2 more minutes of 30 second practice sketches???

    And do you know why???? It's because it'll help you loosely and lively sketch out your poses that tell your story, visually.

    My hat's off to you, and I hope you've found this encouraging, strong, and approved.


    I know right??? That's what I thought too, they look kinda good in the proportions and stuff, but they are missing dynamism, life, I think and hope it will come with expertise, thanks for the critique and encouragment


    I think these are really nice esp for someone who's new to these. My one critique is that the ones in the beginning have a better fluidity to them than the stiffness of some of the later ones-- try to carry over the looseness from the beginning into the final form

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