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    Hello! I've been using this site for so long and I decided I'm finally brave enough to request some critique. I've started working on gesture drawings after watching some videos on it by Proko (on YouTube), but aside from that I've been studying without any other support. Therefore, I'm always wondering if I'm doing something wrong...

    Here are my studies for the day, thanks in advance for your time.

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    Hi Rosie! I would love to critique you but I can't see any images here. You can with upload them to the "sketchbook" section of the site and request critique through there, or you can add a link to a site like imgur where people can view your work.

    ... Or it's totally possible I am being silly and I've missed something obvious! :D


    If you are having a hard time uploading - I found that I can only get art to upload when I use firefox as my browser.

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