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    Hi I have asked for critique before but I wanna do it again since it's been 3 weeks since the last critique.

    Here you can see my drawings:

    Do you guys see much improvement in the last 3 weeks? I think day 21 looks nice and I don't feel like day 35 is much better than that one. Do you think it's good to do some longer classes now? I wanna know what else I can do to improve instead of almost mindlessly doing these classes everyday and not knowing if it's helping.


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    new member and inexperienced critic here, but i'll do my best!

    your current progress

    for three weeks, i believe you have made pretty good improvements! comparing weeks 3 and 5, you did get better at representing a 3d human figure. I noticed that you started to break down the figure into cubes and prisims in the quick sketches of week 5, instead of the flatter geometric shapes. good exercise in my opinion! as for the longer sketches, i saw that you presented more skill in foreshortening. yes, your week 3 sketches did look like they had depth, but flatter in comparison to week 5. it just convinces me more that the figure is receding into space, y'know?


    you're already making progress on the depth of your figures, so continue with it! sadly, i think that only people with paid subscription to line of action can control what poses they are being shown =/. just a random idea, maybe look at your sketches after class and think "where can i put this figure in a 3d space?" i believe that redrawing it compared to other objects in "3d space" will let you see where your figures still look flat. i haven't tried this, it's just a random idea and i don't know if it'll work... only do it if you want to! (i might try it and tell you how it goes)


    you mentioned in your about that you wanted to improve the flowyness of your poses and i would like to say (1) great goal and (2) you're doing great. i love how flowy and not rigid they look. sorry about not touching on anatomy though, i just don't know enough about it. i hope that talking about the 3d look of your figures could somehow help you when you're practicing anatomy at the very least.
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    Fantastic improvement: it really shows that you are studying and understanding how to structure the body better. Using 3d shapes has improved a ton in particular. The work you put in shows a lot. Keep going! :>

    1. Consistently you have been drawing with "sketchy" lines, and thus moving forward you can try and use more decisive, cleaner lines. This will force you to pay more attention to what you are looking at, as well as control your drawings better. Even for the mannequinization and 3d shapes, try your best to use clean lines, and as few as possible.

    2. Now that you have been getting the hang of normal figure drawing, try exaggerating the pose. If there is a slight hip tilt to the left, draw it so that it tilts to the left more extremely. This will teach you to notice the actions in the poses more. The goal is not to copy the pose exactly any more, it is to learn how poses and the body work so that you can construct your own.

    3. Have fun! And try not to "mindlessly" draw everyday. The fastest way to improve is to look back on what you've draw for the day/week and see what you like/dislike, and try to improve it.

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    I really like your day 14, 1min drawing. It's a stiff pose, but it looks very fluid and loose. Nice!


    Hi, It looks like you have lots of talent and that you are improving although you may be too close to see it. Give yourself a year or two and you will be happy with where you are.

    Do you follow Will Weston? He is a great teacher and could inspire you. Also, do you do contour drawings? They might add to your gesture work.

    Also take a look at Jeff Watts' videos. Then there is the free Andrew Loomis PDF book on illustration that is a classic.


    Well, Kyr, you did a great job on your 5 weeks of 30 minute classes, in chronological order. Yet, I've got one littler reminder: Why don't you do your 10 minute drawing, if you pretty, pretty, please, please, please??? Why? Because you'll get a lot of dynamic lines, shapes, spaces, and more importantly, forms. Hope it'll really help so much.

    Polyvios Animations.


    Thanks for the feedback! I have some ideas for what to do next thanks to you :)

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