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    Hello, I was wondering how to improve a simple portrait I made, are the eyes wrong? any tips would be great, just starting out on the voyage of portraits, been practicing a bit of proportion from andrew loomis and jose M. Parramon.

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    First, of all this is a pretty good drawing! If you are looking to improve, I would make the shading more detailed- add more darkness. Also, add more texture to the hair and maybe you can try adding little hairs to the eyebrows, especially in the front to make it look more natural. You were concerned about the eyes: try making the pupil blacker, and add some shading inside the iris, like little lines. The proportions are correct, and as I said before overall is a good portrait :).


    Competely agree with the above! Nice drawing :)


    thank you for the constructive feedback! i will start to apply the tips shortly!

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