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    Hello. I have been drawing gestures for 3 mins long and I notice my improvements over 2 weeks but I recently do 15 sec poses and not really happy with what I've drawn, Its unrecognizable compared to the 3 mins poses. Is this okay like a part of a process? Is sticking to a 15 sec gestures would help me draw more recognizable poses? Advice and critiques will be appreciated. Thank you.">

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    Hey there, hey there, Jown.

    I don't think those figure sketches are that bad, I really think that you're one the right track, and I feel that you are totally benefiting from some more practice. As a result, then you could still get some help from doing 71 minutes of 30 second poses. Could you please go with that?

    The reason why is because, it'll help you see the forms quickly as you draw them out, in addition to the forces you observe and feel out. Other than that, you're doing a very fine job!! Cheers and I hope you've found this completely and totally good and useful.

    For more details, look up the link to Action! Cartooning by Ben Caldwell, here: Action! Cartooning


    Fantastic work. Very quick eye to paper with fluid motions and lines for the most part. Only thing I could mention really here is line confidence but that is afterall why we are all on this website - to learn, practice and improve. Kudos!


    Hi Jown,

    These are pretty good 15 sec poses. The purpose of a 15 sec pose is to loosten up and get the gesture of a figure, it isn't necessaritly going to look like a realistic figure at the end. I find it most benefitial to focus on the areas of mass, major planes of the body, and draw through the center lines of the figure (almost like a stick figure) and exagerate the movement. This will help later when trying to compose more dynamic poses. So try loostening up more and not worrying about getting something realistic at the end. They only cost 15 seconds after all, so "bad" ones have minimal time investment.


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