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    Hi there,
    i'm Azhash, 25yo, nd im studying drawing techniques :Loomis, Bridgman, vandruff, vilppu, hoghart, gnomon, prokopenko, nd from various references

    I love to learn more and more every day, so don't hesitate, i would know what's bad, my weaknesses, and what should i study more. (gesture?, structure?, anatomy? perspective? line "quality"?) U will not see a lot of shadows on my sketches, i'm bad with shadows and colours, so right now i'm studying structure and perspective to understand why a shadow do smthing or somehting else.

    My draws:
    Thanks for any reply

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    Wow Azhash, these are really great. I love your style. Sorry, I don't have anything constructive to say; just keep up the good work!


    Hi Axhash! Your gestures look so wonderful! It shows you have a lot of understanding behind your loose sketches. Your strokes feel definitive, confident, and fluid! I'd love to see you develop on them, and maybe make a more polished piece based on some of these.

    There's a website called posemaniacs that has a tool with 3D models to draw from. The page that specifically is labeled "Hand Viewer" has the models in strictly grayscale, that acts as though there's a light shining directly from the viewer's eye, or just straight ahead. So the "closer" the object is to the screen the brighter it is. It might give you some simple perspective on shadow's workings. there are plenty of free resources on the subject online. Here's one small example, but it might give you a good starting point to experiment with.


    Thanks for the replies, i really appreciate.

    Yes i know posemaniacs, i've been working on the figure drawing tool for tons of hours, it's really a great way to understand foreshortenings for me. The hand viewer tool is great too, it's kind of weird to have the light comming from behind the viewer as u said because it will make me draw shadows that are so close to something like contour lines. But with this issue in mind, i just realised that contour lines doesn't really exist in real life, so being able to draw from this tool can be a great challenge. I'll have this in mind.

    Thank for the link, yes it was a good starting point, just after read it i found this serie of videos on Youtube, it's long to watch all the light and shadow playlist, but if u want to learn the basics like me, u'll enjoy it :


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