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    Hello 😊Started off with 30 sec drawings on the ipad then moved onto 60 sec drawings on paper. Feel like I might have been ambitious in trying to capture details lol

    I'm hoping this will improve my imagination when it comes to making poses on my own and making them feel fluid/natural. Any advice?

    Thank you

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    Wow! Really great job on your memory gestures thus far, Mmmichelle. Very good.

    And as for your request for a critique, and if you wanna render memoried poses, be sure to check out this link right here., please?

    The reason is because, you improve on your drawing figure studies and other drawings from memory dramatically quickly as you can. Hope that it's been advantageous. Take care.


    Ohh I should have specified more haha these were done with the references from this site! I wish I could draw poses like this from memory 😂

    Thank you for the link though :) Definitely going to try incorporating this exercise next time


    Good start. I would recommend you use flowing lines, particularly if the body is bending and/or tristing. It would make for a more interesting picture. Expand your practice to the many photos provided by Line of Action or On-air Video. Also, do longer sessions. Plus, do many more. On your own, study human anatomy - both muscle & bone structure. Make drawings of these items. The internet has a lot of information on these subjects.

    Remember: Practice makes better. So, practice, practice and practice some more. You will find in the long run, it will pay off in your work.

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    DO NOT get hung up on the form !!! Take a close look at the picture first. And don't make the lines perfect, they must be alive !!!!❤❤❤


    I like the 60sec practice. From 30sec I suggest to use more S lines, you can exaggerate the pose to make it more dinamyc, remember that the body isn't a box, so try to avoid straight lines and think on them like circles or ovals, at least meanwhile you learn to know how to overlap, overlaping helps a lot to reach the 3D look.


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