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    30 minutes class study. I played it straight so that's what i do to 30 seconds poses https://imgur.com/a/M9n8Uzd

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    Hello again, I, nicest work on your strongest and most elegant fluidities on your lines of action and rhythm, but I'm still not getting enough of your exaggerated grace in your curves and straights yet. Would you care to be extremely holistic in your approach to gesture figure drawing, with 46 more minutes of 2 minute poses, all flipped horizontally and vertically, but all done from your non-dominant hand, therefore done from one of our special features in your account.

    As a result, your perceptions of contours and gestures can and will improve BILLIONFOLD! So, for even most details.....I don't know if you're not too interested in book recommendations, like the ones on our site, but how about we examine a video recommendation to you, please?


    Thanks for requesting.

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