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    It looks like I cant upload any more student work for 30 days. I'm trying to push myself to practice in a different way:)any critique is welcome


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    Marvelous and phenominal job on your figure's lines, spaces and proportions and angles, slvsh.

    My biggest problem with them is though they're really perfect, but the exaggeration is not that too excellent to me. Would you please loose, lighten and liven up your relationships, perception of spaces and lines with 10 minutes of 5 minute poses, in the time limits section of figure studies???

    As a result, your edges, spaces and relationships will be the most caricatured, exaggerated and satirized, and the least stiffest and undertured. If you're the most curious about the perceptions in drawing, please check out these links to Betty's Kindle of Drawing From the Artist Within. And, A Kindle of Dr. Edwards' Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, 4th Edition. This links can and shall help you out on your goals and aims.

    Good luck to you and your learning curve.


    I am definitely jealous of your tight and clean finish.

    The guy sitting in the middle's upper torso looks a bit "assembled". His shoulders are a bit too high up, and the way his shoulder muscles show, look like he is leaning forward, while his belly section seems to indicate a very upright posture, and his hips would either indicate leaning backwards a bit or being hunched together lazily. Sometimes models assume quite strange poses, but your figure still doesn't seem to come together 100%.

    As for the two ladies, they look quite immaculate.


    Thank you Aunt Herbert ~ You are right, his upper body seems to be facing the direction of the camera and curved, I feel it is difficult to capture this change, so I can only try to describe this posture by looking at the change in the curve of the edge of the body, but again, not accurate enough, so I guess that is why the overall look has assembled, his spine shows that there is a subtle curve, but I have not been able to show this change out. And now it looks like the guy's pelvis has disappeared, which I completely missed when I first finished drawing it. I hope I have expressed clearly, my English is not very good and words are translated by the translator.


    Thank you Polyvios ~

    it's true that I find it hard to relax when I draw. I consciously ask myself to be as accurate as possible in terms of proportion and shape, but I still make a lot of mistakes, and at the same time, I find it too hard to draw in a relaxed way.

    I think that when I drawing sketches with a 30 second or 1 minute time limit, trying to use curves instead of straight lines and geometry might be a way to learn to relax my drawing

    I hope you can read this, because even if I don't speak English very well, I find the translation of this translator very strange : )

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