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    Boy, 2 days of forced stop and I already feel rusty as hell XD.

    24-9-2018 class session

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    Hi Mike,

    These look great, especially the 10 min study. Do you draw the head or the body first when beginning a study?


    These look great, especially the 10 min study. Do you draw the head or the body first when beginning a study?

    Thanks a lot =). I always start with the torso, chest + hips, that helps me to give the body the right direction and to keep the proportions right =)

    I have a bit of trouble figuring out the right proportion sometimes, especially with the head =(


    Let's get back to work

    25-9-2018 Class session


    Today's practice, 26-9-2018. The last one took me 15 minutes, do you think that the head is too small? I think it is =/


    I'm not dead! :P Just shifted my focus a bit, I'm also studying portraits and faces. I want to be able to draw more realistically, and I think that faces are one of my weakest spots =(


    It seems like you’re really drawn to the more pin up style poses. That’s not a positive or negative thing, it just is, y’know? So you are faster at getting details into them, and just more interested. And for most kinds of comics, heck most kind of stories, those are the least useful sorts of poses. So you have two paths here, either figure out a way that a pin up pose can fit in a story from the character doing the pose’s viewpoint, or figure out a way to incorporate that interest into a wider range of poses. Fitting the pin up pose into a story is probably harder.

    I think you’re aware you like the pin up poses too, it’s not super common to get an all female class with no late long male poses if you’re doing random classes. So you’re setting up your classes to favor what you like. And if you’re aiming for comics, that’s self defeating.

    Pushing for more random and more story, this gives you a sort of bigger set of puzzles. A lot of poses can suggest a small story, or a bit of a character. So you can push into that. The gesture now has story weight, it’s not just for the sake of an accurate image.


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