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    Hi everyone! I'm practically brand new at drawing, but after years of starting on again and off again, I'm really beginning to lean into the practice process in my mid-twenties. I don't have a lot of technical skills, but I'm looking forward to learning and hopefully one day being able to put my imagination to life on the page.

    I'm going to try to post my daily figure drawing classes here, as well as any studies or things that I think might be important. I'm still learning a lot, so comment and critique are always really appreciated!

    Here are the bits that I did in a 30 minute class today. I ran out on time, so I couldn't do the 10 minute figure.

    Can't get the images to load properly

    Thanks for joining me on my journey, everyone! Here's hoping we can all get better together!

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    Hey, it's great that you're getting started! I'm on the same boat as you that I've been off again on again to get better, for the last couple of weeks I've been doing daily drawings M-F. To make sure you get started right and have an idea of how to practice I recommend looking up Proko on Youtube. I've watched several of their videos over the years without really practicing and have recently also started going over them again and boy are they helpful! Looking forward to seeing your growth!


    Thanks a lot Vvalverde!

    I've actually been watching quite a bit of Proko. They are definitely super helpful and I'll go to them and the channel Love Life Drawing when I feel the need to learn a bit more on the subject.

    I've also picked up a few anatomy reference books and some books that focus exclusively on drawing the figure.

    The major things I want to work on now are twofold: 1. Getting proper proportion and perspective on the figure and nailing that down really well. I don't want to look at my work in a year or two and realize that I'm lacking in something crucial like good understanding of perspective and form. 2. I have a lot of trouble putting meat on the bones of a figure convincingly, so I'm really trying to work on that.

    I'm not worried about lighting or composition or anything like that right now. I'm not even going to focus on details. I just want to REALLY get the most basic foundations and build off of that.

    Anyway, sorry about that rant. Just wanted to get my current goals out there in the open. I appreciate all your support. I'm probably going to go do some practice now, so expect some new pictures later today!

    Do good work and make good progress!


    Didn't have a ton of time today, and admittedly I got a bit distracted studying up on an anatomy book.

    Here's some of the haphazard drawings I did while studying.

    Edit: I'm gonna figure out how to get these images to post correctly, eventually.

    Link to the pic


    Hey, sorry I haven't posted much here. My life has been getting pretty busy and I was also feeling a little down these past few weeks. I've been practicing off and on though!

    Here are some pics from today's practice session.

    I feel like the skeletal frames as such aren't really helping me that much. I always get really confused, hesitant, and frankly a little intimidated when it comes time to put meat on the bones. I don't really know how to fix this besides practicing a ton more. I've been starting to put effort into specific parts of the body to remedy this. Today it was a bit of hand practice, but I've been trying to practice arms and legs in isolation too.

    I think I've just got to really dig into the learning process and plow ahead. Hopefully, I'll keep improving!

    As always, any constructive criticism or comments are wholeheartedly welcome!

    Keep doing good work all!



    Hey Silmarillion Sun, it looks like we don't have permission to view the images you linked here. Would you maybe like to try uploading them elsewhere?


    @Silmarillion Sun, Hey, I am holding you accountable damn it! Where is the progress report? REPORT SOLDIER!

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